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Buying a vehicle is a very important decision. We all have expectations that any vehicle we purchase or lease will work and keep our family safe. Manufacturers, dealers, and retailers are legally required to maintain certain standards of quality when selling products, which is often spelled out in a warranty given to the consumer at the time of purchase. However, many new and used vehicles have defects that impair the vehicles use, value, and safety. Fortunately, there are laws that protect consumers. Call Liu & Naime, Your San Bernardino Lemon Law Attorney, now for a free case evaluation if you think you have a lemon.

You may have lemon if the:

  • The defect is covered by the vehicle’s factory warranty.
  • The defect substantially impairs the vehicle’s use, value, or safety.
  • The vehicle was purchased/leased in a retail transaction.
  • The transaction took place in California (active military may be exempt).
  • The dealer had a “reasonable number” of attempts to make the repairs.

What is considered a reasonable number of repair attempts will vary. However, if the claim is brought within the first 18 months/18,000 miles and involves a passenger vehicle under 10,000 pounds, the requirement is presumed to be satisfied if:

  • The vehicle has been to the shop at least two times (if the defect may cause serious injury or death), or
  • The vehicle has been to the shop at least four times (for all other covered defects), or
  • The vehicle has remained in the shop for a cumulative period of one month or longer.

Why Do I Need a San Bernardino Lemon Law Attorney?

Manufacturers and dealers are giant corporations that often put profits over doing what is right. At Liu & Naime, we will stand up to manufacturers and dealers. We will fight for your rights. Call us now for a free case evaluation. You may be entitled to:

  • A Repurchase where the manufacturer will take possession of the vehicle and issue you a refund of the purchase price (reduced by the value of your use of the vehicle prior to the first repair attempt). If you financed the vehicle, the manufacturer will refund the payments and pay off the loan. You will also receive a refund of registration fees, taxes, insurance, etc.
  • A Replacement where the manufacturer will take possession of the vehicle and provide you with a new one. It must be an identical or substantially similar vehicle. The manufacturer will pay the registration and taxes on the new vehicle, but you will not receive a refund of fees or finance charges paid on the original vehicle. This option requires the consent of both parties.
  • In some circumstances, we may be able to negotiate an additional option called a “cash and keep.” This would allow you to retain possession of the vehicle and receive a cash payment to compensate for the defect.
  • Best of all – our representation is FREE to you.

Is your vehicle unsafe? Does it spend more time in the shop than your driveway? Having a lemon can be a stressful experience. Let us relieve some of that stress.  Call us now for a free case evaluation. If we take your case, there is NO COST to you. If we win, we get paid by the dealer or manufacturer.

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