Personal Injury

Personal Injury

We will do everything possible to hold those who did the wrong responsible.

Child Injury Law

Child Injury

Your child deserves to have a fearless lawyer stand up for their rights.

Special Education Law

Special Education

We will help you navigate the special education waters for your child.

Sexual Abuse Law

Sexual Abuse

We fight for sexually abused children throughout the State of California.

Lemon Law

Lemon Law

There are laws that protect consumers when purchasing a vehicle.

Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident

We will fight to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

Truck Accident Attorney

Truck Accident

Serious attorneys for serious injuries from commercial truck negligence.

Attorneys Dedicated to Fighting for You

There are lots of lawyers. Finding the right one makes a difference. At Liu & Naime, you are more than just another case. We will treat you like family. We will listen to you. We will answer all of your questions. Most importantly, we will make it our goal to fight for you.

Whether you have a personal injury, special education, or lemon law case, we know that it can be overwhelming. Call us now and sleep easier tonight knowing that we will work hard to give you a better day.