About Us

We became lawyers to make a positive difference. Our clients put a great amount of trust in us. We take this responsibility very seriously because fighting for our clients is our greatest professional privilege. We use our decades of combined experience in every case we handle.


Craig Liu is an experienced trial attorney that has dedicated his career to representing children and their families. In addition to special education law, Craig handles all personal injury matters, including physical and sexual abuse of children. He has an insider’s knowledge of how school districts operate because he was a special education teacher before becoming an attorney. He uses this unique knowledge to his clients’ advantage. Craig uses all of his skill and knowledge in each case to obtain the results his client’s deserve

While Craig takes an aggressive approach with the defense, he provides compassionate representation to his clients. He genuinely tries to understand what each client is going through. His experience and knowledge allows him to provide wise advice in times of need. In addition to great legal results, Craig’s clients appreciate the careful and thoughtful advice that he provides.


Omar Naime is an experienced trial lawyer that is dedicated to fighting for the rights of innocent victims. His practice focuses on personal injury and wrongful death matters, physical and sexual abuse against children, and civil rights matters involving children with special needs. He has a reputation for being aggressive and strategic in getting clients the maximum compensation they deserve. Insurance companies and defense attorneys know this. They know that Omar is a tireless attorney in the fight for justice.

Omar strives to provide the highest level of personal service to each client. He will listen to how your life has been impacted. He will answer all of your questions. Omar will keep you informed and provide you with the advice you need. You will have a better day with the trust and knowledge that Omar is on your side.

  • Omar is the best. We have met a lot of people, but there has never been a person like Omar. He is kind, honest, and generous. More than that, he believes in helping kids and families that would be swallowed by a system that has all the resources and plays hardball.

    God brings a few folks into our lives, to remind us that there is a reason to believe that the little guy can get justice and that kids can be protected from the big bad wolf. That is what Omar represents. The journey was difficult, but we had you to protect and guide us through the process.

  • When our child was bullied and discriminated against, we were heartbroken as parents. While we took action, we quickly discovered our complaints as parents could only go so far. We reached the place where we knew we needed the services of a specialized and skilled attorney. We consulted with several firms, but none grasped the merits of our son’s more complicated case. When we spoke with the Law Offices of Liu & Naime, we immediately felt something different … hope.

  • Mr. Naime knows and cares about the law and his clients. He relies on his superior intelligence and knowledge of the law to win your case. I truly felt Mr. Naime had my back, was honest and forthright with me and actually practices the law with the high ethical standards and responsibility the U.S. public expects.

  • Mr Naime provided amazing legal representation. Not only was he readily available for case questions, he too was compassionate and kind. During multiple volatile court proceedings, he remained steadfast, calm and professional; this proved to be a major factor that benefitted me. I am retaining Mr. Naime again for a separate legal matter because my experience with him was terrific. I absolutely recommend Mr. Naime.

  • I had a great experience with this office. Every time I had a question they would always have an answer for me. My case has finally been finalized and I couldn't be happier. I had a lawyer previous to here and It was horrible. Coming here and speaking with Omar was a breath of fresh air. I would definitely recommend them to everyone. They truly care and are going to help to the max.