San Bernardino Child Injury Attorney

Every parent says that their children are the most important thing to them. However, you cannot be with your child every moment of the day. In addition to going to school, the daily demands of work often require that you trust other individuals with the care of your child.  Unfortunately, these people sometimes breach that trust by causing injury to our children. When this happens, children, parents and families are left to deal with the physical and emotional damage.


At Liu & Naime, our San Bernardino Child Injury Attorneys have experience representing children and families who have suffered the consequences of caregiver negligence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, or molestation. Call us now for a FREE case evaluation.

Unfortunately, there are many perpetrators of child abuse who gain access to children. These include:

  • teachers
  • coaches,
  • daycare providers,
  • supervisors,
  • priests, and
  • scout leaders

When adults or institutions are trusted with the physical custody of your child, they are responsible for providing a reasonable standard of care. This includes schools, as well as daycare facilities. Your child may be injured if this duty is breached. Some injuries are the result of intentional abuse including physical and sexual abuse. Other injuries are the result of negligence such as poor bus safety or a lack of supervision. At Liu & Naime, our San Bernardino Child Injury Attorneys are experienced in representing children that have been injured intentionally or due to negligence. No matter the cause of your child’s injury, our firm helps your family move forward from the incident by seeking justice for you and your child. Call us now for a FREE case evaluation.

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